RwW Philosophy

Are you a runner or a hater?  Does running feel more like pain and punishment rather than pleasure?  Do you loathe the feeling that you SHOULD go for a run and then proceed to battle the desire to stop with each step you take?

If any of those feelings ring true, I get it and I get you. I’ve experienced running and feeling empty rather than filled up. I’ve finished runs feeling defeated rather than empowered. I’ve been more hater than runner . . . and I’ve felt each of these even as a run coach. 

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t have to feel that way and I want to tell you how so buckle up.

As humans, we are born to run and it is something that we started doing not long after we took our first step.  When we were young kids, we ran to keep up with an older sibling, to race a friend down the street or during a game of tag.  And here’s the thing, it was play and it was fun.  Somewhere along the way a lot of us came to associate running with a different F-word.  But we shouldn’t feel like we’re dying when we’re running, we should feel like we’re thriving.  

That’s where a good coach with an individualized program comes in.  You can run free of injury and pain.  You can run with a sense of freedom and lightness.  You can find the athlete inside of you that you are meant to be.  YOU can do all of this and find YOUR runner’s high. It just takes the right approach.  

I meet each athlete (that’s YOU) where they are at and tailor a customized program to their physiological and psychological needs.  We’ll use all of the tools in a typical running coach’s toolbox of base runs, tempo paced workouts and speed sessions. The difference is that I will teach you how to listen to your body and we’ll dive deep into how to qualify your run as much as quantify your run with speed/pace/distance. After all, it’s not the time on the clock that counts . . . it’s what you do with that time.

If this makes you feel a little nervous – then you’re right where you need to be. All of the bodily responses you get when you’re nervous are the same as when you’re excited. Now it takes just a pair of sneakers and a little courage to make that decision to move toward your starting line. 

And on that note, I’ll leave you with this:

Strength is measured in pounds.  Speed is measured in seconds.  Courage, you can’t measure courage.