Find your finish line. Find yourself.

Personalized Training Plans for Every Runner.



and burnout

Information Overload

not sure who to trust

No External Voice

What if I don’t call myself a runner?

Discover Your Strengths

Overcome Your Weaknesses

Prove Yourself Wrong

Coaches Aren’t Just For Kids

Have a Plan

Training plans are developed based on your personal goals, injury and health history, and take into your lifestyle limitations such as work or family commitments.

Plans can also be customized to include strength and nutrition to optimize results.

Be Accountable

Don’t leave motivation and compliance up to you. Upload your workouts to Training Peaks and receive feedback weekly on progress and performance.

Weekly video conferencing calls can be helpful additions to any training plan and can provide valuable opportunities for Q&A.

Start Your Medal Wall

Build yourself a medal wall, because once you cross one finish line, you’re going to want to cross a dozen more.

Whether it’s an endurance or trail race, obstacle course, or adventure run you’ll have not only the tools but the confidence to pursue your goals and improve your health.


  • 25 Years As A Certified Personal Trainer.
  • 15+ Years As A Run Coach For Such Iconic Brands As Equinox, Nike, Lululemon, Aaptiv, And Pear Sports.
  • Developed And Overseen Training Plans For Runners Of All Types From First Time 5k’ers To Boston Qualifiers And Olympic Trial Athletes.
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Coach With Precision Nutrition.
  • Bachelors Degree In Kinesiology.
  • Personally Qualified And Finished The Boston Marathon, Run The Grand Canyon Rim To Rim And Has Run 26 Miles On A Treadmill.

A Plan for Every Body

5 Strength Exercises Every Runner Needs

We’re All Sitting in a Cage with the Door Open,
Or At Least on the Edge of the Couch

We all have a vision of the person we want to become. The problem is that fear (and a lack of confidence in our own abilities) are holding us back. Beliefs that we cannot do it alone, or even more so, that we cannot do it at all, keep us from making our dreams a reality. The truth is, we do not get to determine our opportunities, we only get to determine our readiness for them. If we wait to feel ready, have the perfect pace, weigh the perfect weight then we might risk that that day will never come.

After almost 30 years of running and more than 15 years of coaching, I too still find myself defining my worth by a # or an achievement. But I also know what it feels like to leave that all behind and use running as a means of self exploration, and to fall in love with the sport all over again. And I know what that process can translate to for performance.

A Good Coach Knows from Experience

“I was insecure, fearful and definitely didn’t believe in my abilities. Wes was able to see passed my mask and bring out the best in me. His non judgment, loving words makes you want to be a better person. His words are magical. It almost feels like he can read your mind and he’s so present that whatever is going on in my head he’s able to bring that voice out of me and help me overcome my fears. I have no idea where I would be today. He’s the only reason I’ve done 8 marathons. The only reason I was qualified to run the Boston marathon my second try. I am so grateful to have found him as a coach and now a good friend.”